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National Geographic Kids

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Check out our latest database - National Geographic Kids features a wonderful collection of books and images published by National Geographic Kids, as well as issues of the magazine! Prepare for the Geography Bee, read about animal behavior, learn more about dinosaurs, and learn Weird but True! facts (the most overdue library book was 288 years late! - see page 12). Although it’s designed for children, everyone can enjoy pictures of adorable animals, like those found in the articles below:

  • Summers, B. F.The 20 Cutest Animals Of All Time.” National Geographic Kids Aug. 2010: 20+.National Geographic Kids. Web.
  • Rini, Jen. “20 Cute Animals.” National Geographic Kids Nov. 2011: 22+. National Geographic Kids. Web.​
  • Olesin, Kate. “20 Cute Animals.” National Geographic Kids Sept. 2013: 16+. National Geographic Kids. Web.

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SAT Preparation

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Juniors and seniors who are taking the SAT on March 8: the UAPL has several resources to help you prepare!

The LearningExpress Library is one of our research databases - it offers courses, guides, and practice tests for the SAT. Practice tests are graded immediately after they are taken, with explanations for any incorrect answer.

  1. Click on the preceding link and log in with your library card number to access this resource - it’s also always available from - click on “Research” and “Databases” and scroll down to “LearningExpress Library.”
  2. Log in to LearningExpress Library - click “Login” in the upper right corner, and sign in. If you don’t already have an account, click “New Users Register Here” to create one.
  3. On the left hand side, click on “College Preparation” and then “SAT Preparation.”
  4. Choose from the available courses, and click “Add to My Center” on the right hand side for each course or practice test you would like to take.
  5. Click on “My Center” in the upper right hand corner of the screen to take the courses and practice tests that you selected.

We also have several print books and study guides, including the following:

You can find more resources by searching our catalog.