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Travel by Bike

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The weather should be beautiful this weekend - well, for October - so enjoy this last opportunity to ride your bike before winter! If you’re interested in finding Ohio’s best bike trails, purchasing a bike, or learning everything you could possibly want to know about the modern bicycle, come to the Reference Department!

Be sure to check out our fantastic new title, The Bike Deconstructed, to learn what each part in your bike does, what it’s made of, and how it evolved, while picking up trivia like the difference between radial and tangential spokes, and much, much more.

Be sure to check out these books and magazines as well:

Homework (and Fun!) Databases for K-8

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We have several databases for younger students, from kindergarten through eighth grade. To easily find them:

  1. Open up our database page, by clicking on “Research” and “Databases” at the top of
  2. Under “Choose from Available Categories,” select “Kids”
  3. Click on “Apply Filter”

All of the databases listed were designed for younger students. Find reliable, interesting facts and fun reads with National Geographic Kids, Novelist K-8 Plus, the TumbleBook Library, and more!

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