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Who's Who of Women Computer Pioneers

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Did you know that the word ‘computer’ evolved directly from the word for humans who crunched the numbers necessary for research projects in the 1940s? In the era before computers, large groups of people, mostly women, were hired at relatively low wages to do routine computations. Some of these women held Master’s degrees in Mathematics and went on to become innovators in the field, especially as programmers and computer language developers.

To read more about these and other women in the early days of computers, take a look at the following articles from the library’s databases:Portrait of Ada Lovelace

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Winter Workouts

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Winter is really here.  What does that do to your winter workout?  Do you switch to indoor workouts? 

If it’s not extremely cold outside you may continue your outdoor exercise plan.  It can be healthful and invigorating if you do it sensibly. 

I have gathered some guidelines found in the library’s databases that will let you walk, run, cycle and play in the safest manner possible this winter.

  • A recent article in the Washington Post contains interviews with several people who don’t mind the extra effort needed to enjoy various outdoor activities in the winter months.  The author also offers advice for staying protected from the cold. 
  • An older article from the Washington Post discusses the science behind outdoor workouts in winter. 
  • The World of Sports Science weighs in with an article explaining the effects of cold temperatures on the body and setting out a few precautions.
  • An article from Current Health Teens encourages outdoor pursuits such a skating, sledding, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and, if you don’t want to invest in any extra equipment – hiking!
  • A short article that appeared in the Harvard Women’s Health Watch last November covers advice from a woman physician in New England who regularly runs in winter. 
  • The Canadian magazine Alive! Published an article with good advice for winter runners.
  • And for the really adventuresome, the same Canadian magazine offers some suggestions on challenging winter activities such as ice climbing.

Obviously if it’s too cold, you must move your workout indoors. Here are some recommendations for indoor activities:

  • If you are an accomplished athlete you will appreciate the three treadmill workouts for winter that appeared in Running and FitNews in 2011.
  • If you are a cardiac patient Heart Advisor describes how you can move your exercise regimen indoors.
  • There’s even a helpful article for people who are wheelchair-bound.  It is titled Quick Winter Workouts and is from PN magazine.

I hope this short list of articles will inspire you to remain active this winter and to use the library’s databases to find information to make your life healthier and more rewarding.  

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