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Hawaii will soon pass a law changing the legal age for anyone purchasing cigarettes or e-cigarettes from 18 to 21 years.  Cities and towns have increased the age to 21, but so far no other states have done so.  There is medical evidence to show that increasing the age limit reduces the number of people who form a smoking habit.  By taking this measure Hawaii’s legislature hopes to improve the health of its population into the future.

We no longer dispute the facts about the effects of smoking cigarettes, but what about the effect of smoking e-cigarettes?  At this point the evidence is not so clear.

The topic is an important one because teens are rapidly increasing their use of electronic cigarettes.  The percentage of high school students who smoked e-cigarettes reportedly increased from 1.5% in 2011 to 13.4% in 2014. 

And non-teens who are trying to stop smoking by switching to e-cigarettes need to know the latest findings as well.

Let’s examine the health consequences of vaping using the library’s health and science databases.

Here are some recent articles.  Feel free to search for more on your own.

From Consumer Health Complete:

And this video from AccessScience:

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Online Reference Resources for Kids

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Public Domain - Kids on ComputerOur reference department has a vast amount of resources available for teens and adults, but did you know we have databases to help make learning fun for kids too? Log your little ones on to the following databases for safe, fun ways to explore online!

  • National Geographic Kids is great database for kids to discover science, nature, and cultures around the world through videos, pictures, books, and magazines.
  • World Book Kids is a version of the encyclopedias specifically for younger learners. It offers games, maps, pictures, and even science projects that can be done at home.
  • TumbleBook Library provides story books, picture books, and games for young readers to read or have stories read to them. Early readers and advanced readers alike will enjoy TumbleBooks.
  • CultureGrams Kids Edition will let kids explore countries and cultures around the world. They can view photos, hear anthems, and read hundreds of fun facts.
  • Kids Search is a database where kids can search from a multitude of topics such as Health, Social Studies, Sports, and even current news topics.

I hope your kids have a blast exploring our databases and discover how much fun learning can be!