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Shirley Temple

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shirley templeFormer child actress, US ambassador and cancer survivor Shirley Temple died Monday, February 12 at the age of 85.

Best known as being undisputedly the most famous and successful child actor of all time, she left acting at the age of 22 and went on to lead a full personal and professional life. Find out more about this American icon. Remember, you will need your library card number to access UAPL's Research Databases.

Debates and Controversies

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Did you catch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham over the validity of creationism as a scientific theory?

If you’re interested in other contentious questions, the UAPL has several databases that will be of interest.  Designed for students researching controversial issues or debate topics, these resources provide multiple perspectives on complicated issues, and are updated frequently. Find out more about topics from concealed weapons to stem cells:

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