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St. Patrick's Day

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Image of Greeting CardSt. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for the Irish - so wear some green and celebrate! The Reference Department has many books on holidays and festivals, with lore and history on customs and practices. Learn more about any holiday, or any day, with these resources:

And if you’re a fan, be sure to enjoy some corned beef and cabbage - you can access St. Patrick’s Day recipes by Betty Rosbottom, formerly of Upper Arlington, and other local chefs with the Columbus Dispatch Archives (remember to enter your library card number).

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Addresses, Phone Numbers, CEOs, and Local Businesses

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Reference USA logoLooking up addresses and phone numbers online can be difficult. A business’s address may be a quick Google search away, but your cousin’s address isn’t likely to be googleable. Cell phone numbers are unlisted, but if you want to find information about a business, or someone’s address or landline number, try a directory source:

Reference USA is a subscription database (you’ll have to enter your library card number), and it includes residential, business, consumer, and healthcare listings. Custom search options allow you to find:

  • A person by their name, address, or phone number
  • All the businesses from a particular industry in the Columbus area
  • The CEO of a particular company, or all the women CEOs in an industry
  • All the doctors with a particular specialty in the Columbus area

Anywho is a website:

  • Find a person by their name, address, or phone number
  • Find a business from a particular industry in the Columbus area

Check out our librarian recommended directories for more resources!