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Riots - Part of Our History

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A riot is a violent act committed by a mob of people in retaliation to a perceived injustice – a form civil disobedience that gets out of hand. The recent Image - Riotriots in Baltimore, Maryland are part of a long list of riots that have occurred in our country’s history.  Many started because of racial tensions, but many occurred for various other reasons. 

Here are a few examples of the most notorious ones. 

All of these are covered in the Gale Database called Disasters and Tragic Events.  View these sample articles by clicking on the lines above and then entering your library card number. 

You will find that each event is described in a one-or two-page synopsis. Many of the articles are illustrated with newspaper etchings, drawings or photographs of the time. References are listed at the end of the article.  Links to related stories are also provided.   

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New Statistical Abstract Interface

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The Statistical Abstract of the United States collects and organizes data from a variety of government and nongovernment sources, so that you can easily find data on the United States, the States themselves, and Americans. Even better, the online interface of the Statistical Abstract has been redesigned, so it’s easier to use.

Statistical Abstract map of the United States by subject

Ever wondered which sporting events are the most popular, or which industries have the highest rate of unemployment? There is a variety of fascinating data in this resource.

Each chart has a link to the source that provided the information, where you can find even more statistical information on the topic that interests you. Remember to enter your library card number and PIN to access this resource from home!