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Learn Cherokee

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Nation to NationMango, the Cherokee Nation, and the Tulsa City-County Library have worked together to add Cherokee to our Mango Languages database. Cherokee is an endangered language, with only 12,000 speakers. Remember that Mango is also available as an app, if you’d like to learn on the go!

To learn more about the Cherokee, take a look at the Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. For more on the experiences of American Indians, check out the Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, which also includes information on Native American pop culture.

Finally, the reference department has a new print title, Nation to Nation: Treaties between the United States & American Indian Nations, which explores efforts by American Indians to restore the promises made in the long history of broken treaties between the United States and American Indian Nations.

How Many Insects Did You Eat Last Year?

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Swarm of LocustsAccording to our newest eReference book, Americans eat between one and two pounds of insects every year. I regret learning this fact.

To learn more interesting things about what you eat and where it came from, check out Food and Drink in American History. Check out the fantastic history of what we eat, and discover more wild facts, like these:

  • Bananas were first introduced to the United States “at the Philadelphia Centennial World’s Exposition. A guard had to be stationed next to the tree to prevent fairgoers from stealing the bananas.”
  • Grape juice was strongly associated with the temperance movement.
  • Patricia Rain was also known as the Vanilla Queen.
  • You can make wax paper at home.

Finally, check out some historical recipes, like this lemon catchup, which you probably should not try at home.