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Will Ohio Legalize Marijuana?

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It’s official.  Voters in Ohio will be asked to cast their vote regarding the legalization of marijuana in Ohio this November. 

For background information and a discussion of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, the library has these and other thought-provoking resources:

We can help you be an informed voter.  Just remember to enter your library card number and PIN at the prompt to use our online databases and ebooks.  

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Mummies, Pyramids, and Ancient Egypt

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Mummies around the World cover imageAncient Egypt has always fascinated - in popular culture, you can find reference after reference to this period, from Adele Blanc-Sec’s mummy to Stargate. Learn more about the real Ancient Egypt with our library resources. Daily Life Through History presents an overview of what people ate, drank, and did, while World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras documents the history of Ancient Egypt.

We have many great titles in the reference department:

And some fun titles you can check out:

And finally, you can vote for Hieroglyphics to be added as a future language in our Mango Languages Labs - click on the Erlenmeyer flask on the left side of the page to vote!