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Support for your Holiday Panic

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Food on a cutting boardIf you’re panicking about Thanksgiving, relax - the UAPL has you covered. If you’re looking for information on food, decorating, and other stressful holiday topics, we can recommend tons of resources.

Most critically, if you’re making a turkey, be sure to leave plenty of time for that turkey to thaw. You can also find some great tips and recipes by searching the Columbus Dispatch Archives - they recently ran a useful article on all your turkey needs, including phone numbers you can call for help (Butterball will take your call through 7PM on Thanksgiving!). Be sure to check out the New York Times for my favorite video on how to carve a turkey. Finally, if you need recipes for some tasty sides, check out our UA Recipe Collection to find community classics.

If you’re crafty and you want to make some fancy decorations, check out our Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center for inspiration - learn to make Thanksgiving themed centerpieces, and much more.

For relatives prone to expounding on politics, religion, and other uncomfortable topics, find some conversational distractions - learn interesting facts about the history of Thanksgiving in the United States, Upper Arlington’s history, or about fascinating scientific discoveries, and interrupt as needed.

If you get stranded in an airport or in the traditional 1-71 traffic, don’t forget that you can download ebooks and eaudiobooks with your UAPL card and PIN from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re actually missing the holiday with your family, you can find some sad stories on NoveList to commiserate. And if you get mechanically stranded, we have some resources on car repairs.

And if, like mine, your home needs a thorough cleaning… well, there’s actually not a lot we can do about that. Happy holidays!

UA in 1920

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If you had been living in Upper Arlington in 1920 and you were a movie fan you might have gone with your friends to First Community Church (the little stone church) on Saturday night to watch a movie.  Movie Poster for The Greatest Thing in LifeAccording to The Norwester community magazine, on June 12 of that year you would have been able to see a return engagement of the film “The Greatest Thing in Life”.  It starred Lillian Gish who was also one of the screenwriters.  The movie was promoted as “a thrilling story of the great war, in which actual battle scenes are shown”.  The Norwester went on to say that the photoplay “will stand indefinitely as a monument to the producer’s genius, craftsmanship and enterprise”.  It was produced by David Wark (D. W.) Griffith who had also produced the controversial “Birth of a Nation” in 1915. 

To read about this and other aspects of domestic life in early UA history go to the Upper Arlington Public Library’s UA Archives database.  Documents in this database have been scanned and digitized so that they may be viewed at any time.

Incidentally this film has been lost to time.  No prints of it exist today and no one of the current generation can view the film that UA residents saw in 1920.

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