Strategic Plan 2013/2014

2013 will be a year of reflection, planning and documenting the future direction of the library. With the change in leadership of the Upper Arlington Public Library due to the retirement of the former director in May 2012, the continuing economic challenges and recent and upcoming changes in leadership of other city organizations such as the School Superintendent and City Manager, the time is ripe for a full strategic planning process. While we conduct a planning process, there are goals and objectives from the 2011-2012 Strategic Plan that can and should continue that will assist in the planning process.

In the following 2013-14 Strategic Plan the category descriptions are the same and the Goals and Objectives have been continued from the 2011-2012 for the most part with some minor re-framing. Activities listed are a result of brainstorming with the original planning team and managers. Our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Areas of Strategic Focus remain the same.

Full Document: Strategic Plan 2013/2014