Check out an album from your couch

Check out an album from your couch

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Even thought vinyl records are making a comeback, music is definitely going digital. The first part of this year, digital music sales increased and over 135 billion songs were streamed, nearly double the amount from 2014.

Streaming is becoming very popular because you can subscribe to a service and listen to anything in their catalog. Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Songza – to name a few – all give you access to thousands of songs. You don't own the music, but you can listen to just about anything you can think of.

Or you could visit the library website, UAPL has a streaming service that patrons can use. Hoopla has a great selection of music, including new releases every Friday. Create an account using your library card, and you can checkout 10 albums per month. Try something new or to checkout some tunes when the library is closed. Just like all of our other services, it's free with your library card.

You can follow our online guide to setup your account or contact the Media department if you have questions.