Eat Your Greens

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Did you hear about the big snowstorm coming next week? April Fools! Now that winter has finally left (crosses fingers), it won't be long before fresh food starts popping up in the garden. One of the first foods I harvest each year is salad greens. Nothing says spring like the crisp crunch of fresh greens. The three titles below offer differerent takes on the humble salad. I can almost taste the vinaigrette.


  • Salad Days presents a seasonal approach, featuring salads full of flavors for any time of year. Check out the Memorial Day Quinoa Salad.
  • Salad as a Meal does just what it says: each recipe adds meat, cheese, beans and noodles to the greens to make the salad more satisfying. Check out the Chicken and Soba Noodles salad.
  • Mixt Salads features recipes for some fancy and flavorful salads. Check out the Haricot Verts with Sweetbread Crutons.

Happy Reading!