Emmy Rossum "Sentimental Journey" (2013)

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Emmy Rossum has successfully embodied the antiquated spirit of many American classics, ranging from the ’20s to the ’60s in her cover album “Sentimental Journey.”  Rossum adds a modernized vocal clarity to several wholesome ballads and jazz tracks that were childhood staples in her household.

Each track is intended to correlate with one specific month, and “Sentimental Journey” represents January as the launch of another year.  Rossum was smart in meticulously choosing songs of the past to emotionally encompass her musical calendar.  This deliberate arrangement of songs could classify “Sentimental Journey” as a concept album.

Source: UNews

The Avett Brothers - The Carpenter (2012)

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“It has been said that The Carpenter is the Avett Brothers' album about death. Death is there in the first song, there in the last, and wheedling all in between. The brothers, actual and nominal, aren't the raggedy kids they were when they started out a decade ago; they've married, started families, settled down. The band's last record, 2009's I and Love and You, offered a tamer version of Seth and Scott Avett's splintered yawps and shredded banjo strings, and their live show has tempered as their catalog has filled out and fanbase expanded from regional devotees to national masses. It's tempting to peg the Avetts' story as one of a little-band-that-could selling out and smoothing over when a major label and bigger stages come calling, but I'm not sure it's that simple; for an act in it for the long haul, a certain rounding of the edges seems not only inevitable, but natural– healthy, even. Growing up is hard to do, but outright refusing can be trickier.” ( Pitchfork)

Reviews: Rolling Stone, Pitchfork

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