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"A Light that Never Goes Out: the Enduring Saga of The Smiths" by Tony Fletcher

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This is a detailed story of the band The Smiths by a clearly ardent fan that would certainly be of interest to other fans of the band (like myself), but also to anyone following the history of indie music. They are such an English band, and the author details many locations and subtexts that may not be readily apparent to those who are not native Mancunians or familiar with British pop culture and local history. He talks about all of the band’s influences and shows the reader where they fit into musical history. This is a really thick book of 704 pages covering the span of the band’s life, so there’s a lot of detail here, considering they were only together for 6 years.

Farewell, Starman

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David Bowie passed away on Sunday, January 10th, just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 25th studio album entitled Blackstar.  Bowie greatly influenced the music industry, and popular culture as a whole, with his ever-changing musical style and out-of-this-world personas.

On top of being a legendary artist, Bowie was an avid reader.  He posted a list of his top 100 books to his Facebook page back in 2013. Check out the list here:

You can also borrow and stream most of David Bowie's album collection through our Hoopla streaming service here:

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