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Debut novels can be especially exciting. Reading an author for the first time, who is just publishing their first book, give you a chance to discover their work, with out the expectations of established writers. If you're lucky, you'll find a new author to enjoy for years to come.

If you haven't already discovered them, check out one of these debut novels, recommended by Booklist.

Self-publish your eBook at UAPL

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Paper folded to look like a penWe are happy to unveil a new service for writers and readers. SELF-e is a self-publishing platform for independent authors that connects you to libraries and library patrons. Many writers are choosing to self-publish there eBooks and SELF-e makes this easy to do.


  • The easiest way to get your ebook into a library collection and find new readers.
  • Potential for national exposure in the SELF-e Selects collection.
  • Measure your success with a built-in analytics tool.


  • Discover new authors in your neighborhood, state and beyond.
  • Read as much as you want; no limits or due dates.
  • Easy-to-use platform with apps for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire HD/HDX.

You can find more information, including how to get started, on our SELF-e webpage.

Please contact us if you have questions about using SELF-e, or bring your questions to our program SELF-e: Chapter 1 on March 16th.

A Little More Fun

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August continues the “Dog Days of Summer” and means that school is just around the corner. Before getting back into academics, why not check out a few interesting and entertaining graphic novels? Our eBook collection has a bunch, especially for middle grade readers. Peruse the examples below, or do and Advanced Search and select All Subject -> Comics and Graphic Books to see everything. You can also change the Interest Level to fit the age of your child (or yourself).

Happy Reading!

Baseball Biography

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Spring is only a week away, but Spring Training has already started. With over 140 years of history, there are plenty of books about “America's Pastime.” Below are three great biographies of three great players, to help pass the time until Opening Day.

  • Pitching in a Pinch is Christy Mathewson's funny and fascinating memoir about baseball in the early twentieth century.
  • If you liked 42, learn more about Jackie Robinson from his autobiography, I Never Had it Made.
  • The Last Hero covers Hank Aaron's record breaking career on the field and his reemergence as a hero during baseball's Steroid Era.

Happy Reading!

We loan eBooks

The Upper Arlington Public Library offers electronic content available for download by using a valid library card.  
There are thousands of book titles available in audio, EPUB and Kindle formats on our Digital Download site.  In addition a limited number of music and movie titles are also available through this site.  

UAPL also offers free music for download through Freegal. Freegal provides access to the complete catalog of Sony music and our patrons can download two songs per week with their library card.

Learn more or Download an eBook

Pumpkin Time

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On my morning stroll around the block, I noticed several pumpkins decorating a neighbor's porch. It was a cool, grey morning and small, yellow leaves were already lining the road where I walked. It felt like Halloween was just around the corner. A few hours later the sun was up and the temperature was on it's way to the high 70s. But it's still October, so grab a pumpkin latte (or pumpkin beer) and learn how to cook, carve and cultivate your own perfect pumpkin.

Improve your Financial Literacy

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With both National Financial Literacy month and Tax Day falling in April, it's a good time to have your mind on your money. No matter what topic you're interested in – retirement, budgeting, investing – we have an eBook that covers it.

You should also read this post from Megan about the great databases and other resources you can use to track investments and manage your personal finances.

The Index CardSlaying the Debt DragonHow to Retire with Enough Money

PB&J Again?!

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Packing school lunches can be challenging. Trying to balance what you kids will eat, with what you want them to eat can be a tight rope walk. It also wouldn't hurt if most of the meal was quick and easy to prepare.

Check out these eBooks for recipes and ideas for taking your school lunch game to the next level.

All the World's a Stage

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It's been 450 years since the birth of Shakespeare. And while his biography is rather short for such a famous figure, his impact on English literature and language are indisputable. He is credited with adding over 500 words to the language, and countless phrases, like: to thine own self be true and brevity is the soul of wit.

You can read all of “The Bard's” works in many places online, including the Folger Shakespeare Library, which has an excellent, searchable collection. If you are looking for a slightly different take on Shakespeare, try one of these eBooks.

  • Reintroduce yourself to Shakespeare's most famous characters with Y is for Yorick, a witty picture book for adults.
  • How Shakespeare Changed Everything examines his influence on language and culture (and the starlings in Central Park).
  • The Shakespeare guide to Italy uses the 10 plays set in Italy as an itinerary, tracking down the exact locations of Juliette's balcony and other famous scenes.

Happy Reading!


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