Spring in Ohio

Spring in Ohio

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Spring is a beautiful time of year in Ohio. Get ready for warmer days with these useful links.

Upper Arlington Weather 
Spring weather can be rather unpredictable, so check the forecast and be prepared for rain or shine before you go out.

Spring Cleaning 
It’s that time again; the not-so-fun part of spring. To make it go faster, try these “hints” from Heloise that go room by room with tips to help clean your house, and keep it that way!

Buckeye Gardening
A great resource for central Ohio gardeners, Buckeye Gardening compiles articles from the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association. These featured articles are arranged by month, so it's easy to get season-appropriate advice on your growing projects.

Upper Arlington City Parks
Whether you like picnics, playing sports or leisurely nature walks, you’re guaranteed to find a place to go at one of Upper Arlington’s 28 city parks. Take a look at the city’s list and description of each location to find a place to go on a nice spring day. You can also download tree trek brochures of several of the parks to learn what kind of trees you see on your day at the park.  

Conservatory and Clippers
Baseball and butterflies are two signs that Spring has come to Columbus. Opening day for Clippers Baseball at Huntington Park is April 11, and the butterflies are out now in the Pacific Island Water Garden at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Follow the respective links to find out more!