National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

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Established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is a celebration of the art of poetry and its important place in American culture. How will you celebrate?
The Academy of American Poets chose to feature the importance of letter writing in the lives of poets as a special theme to Poetry Month this year. You can celebrate this month by including poetry in your correspondences, or even writing a letter to your favorite poet. Check out their website for even more ideas on how to celebrate.

A Poem a Day
One excellent way to celebrate National Poetry Month is to discover new poets and poetry! If you are just getting started with poetry, it can be daunting trying to find something you like. Poetry Daily tries to help by featuring one poem every day written by a contemporary poet that has been published in a book, magazine or journal. Check it out daily; hopefully by the end of April you will have a new favorite poet!

Celebrate Ohio Poets
Langston Hughes and James Wright are just two noted poets with ties to Ohio. Read fascinating essays by or about these and other Ohio poets on how living in this state has had an effect on their work.

Poetry Foundation
Most poetry is meant to be read aloud, and listening can give the audience an entirely different experience from reading to themselves. The Poetry Foundation offers audio files and podcasts of poems, as well as lectures, discussions and interviews on poetry.

Children’s Poetry Archive
Celebrate National Poetry Month with the kids by reading and listening to some poetry written especially for them!