Columbus Crossroads

Columbus Crossroads

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In this section you will find a compilation of official project descriptions and related information concerning the Columbus Crossroads project.

Columbus Crossroads
The I-71/670 highway project started September 18, and will be the biggest undertaking of its kind in Ohio, with the first phase ending in 2014. The ultimate outcome is to improve safety, reduce congestion and connect neighborhoods. Learn more about the project, and download a map of the closed and open ramps and exits.

Paving the Way
For constantly updated information about road constructions and street closures in Central Ohio, this site is a great one to reference.  

The Columbus Crossroads project will affect 137,000 drivers every day, which is how it earned the nickname, “Crawlumbus,” from the Columbus Dispatch. For all the newspaper stories relating to this project and interactive maps, check out their page on this topic.

ODOT Columbus on Twitter
The Ohio Department of Transportation wants your rush hour to go as smoothly as possible. Subscribe to their Twitter page specific to Columbus so you are always aware of sudden lane closures and detours for your commute.

Distracted Driving
With the increase in orange barrels and the changing traffic patterns because of this project, there have been more car crashes around the construction area, especially during rush hour. One way to protect yourself is to not be distracted by cell phones, GPS devices, MP3 players or anything else that could take your attention away from driving.