Wireless Printing

Mobile Printing

The Information Technology Department provides access to printing from public workstations and patron mobile devices.

Black and white laser printing is available at all three locations for 10 cents per page. Color laser printing is available at all locations for 50 cents per page. All print jobs are paid upon release at a print station. Cash only, please.

Web-based Printing

Web-based printing job page

Print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected PC or mobile device to one of our Library printers. There is no additional software required. 

Please choose where you want to pick up your printed document and we redirect you to the printing page for that location

*Print jobs can only be picked up during our business hours the same day they were submitted. Cash only, please.

Mobile Printing Apps

Alternatively, print your documents from your mobile device using an app.


Wireless Printing Using Printer Software

*  You will need a current version of Java installed on your computer. See the Java download page for the correct package for your machine.
*  This service will be discontinued. We encourage you to use our web-based printing.

Wireless printing requires that you download and run a small piece of software that will help establish the connection between your laptop and our printers.

  1. In the table below please locate where you want to use wireless printing. Then choose the software package for your system (Windows or Mac), and download it.
  2. Once the print software package has been downloaded, run it and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Please refer to one of the following documents for more detailed installation instructions:
    • Installing on Windows 2000 or greater PDF iconDocument
    • Installing on Mac OS-X 10.5 or greater PDF iconDocument
  3. Select the appropriate printer from within your application and print. The printer names correspond to the type and price of the print job (Black and White, Color, Color Duplex, etc.)
  4. Release your print job from the nearest Release Station.

When you have finished printing close the LPTOne application or shut down your computer. The print client is only temporary and is not installed on the computer. The downloaded file (clientlauncher.exe or clientlauncher.zip) can be deleted.

Troubleshooting tips

Having trouble using our wireless printing service on your computer running Windows 7 or Vista?

  • Tip #1 (Windows): Temporarily disable the User Account Control settings. These settings are designed to protect your computer from unauthorized changes to the Windows OS and can block the wireless printing software.
    To disable the User Account Control settings, clicking the Start Button and then typing “UAC” in the text field and pressing Enter. The UAC configuration window will then pop up. To disable the UAC, simply slide the slider bar all the way to the bottom to “Never Notify.” Remember to turn it back to your preferred setting when you've finished printing.
  • Tip #2: Are you running Anti-virus / Security software? Many anti-virus or security applications will block the mobile print client because of its nature and function. If you cannot seem to run the mobile print client, try disabling your anti-virus software temporarily to see if that is the cause.