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Searches the contents of several databases at once, so high school students can find information and primary source documents on topics including language arts, business, careers, technology, science, math, and more.

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National Newspapers

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Black and white photo of four newspapers in a staggered stack. Photo by:’t it be nice to search for current news across several major newspapers at once? Even better, to be able read all of the articles without hitting a paywall or having annoying ads interrupt you? UAPL provides its patrons with free access to ProQuest’s National Newspapers so they can do just that.

The fully searchable National Newspapers allows patrons to research events from the 1980s until now, across ten newspapers, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and more.

Students can research current events or articles for position papers; genealogists are able to search obituaries; business people and investors have access to Wall Street Journal and other current financial news from a variety of publications. Maybe you just want to read articles from the day's newspapers. There are many great uses for the National Newspapers database!

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National Geographic Magazine Archive

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Logo NG Magazine ArchiveAs our newest database offering, National Geographic Magazine Archive features the complete holdings of this award-winning, iconic magazine from 1888 to 1994. In it you will find every page and every photograph, all fully searchable through an intuitive interface. National Geographic Magazine Archive is a powerful tool for finding and viewing over 100 years of impactful articles and award-winning photojournalism. 

National Newspapers

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National Newspapers allows you to search for information on a topic in many newspapers at the same time. Search the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, USA Today and six other major national newspapers and magazines to find current media coverage on any subject, such as sports, business, arts, pop culture and more.

Most of these newspapers have the full text of articles available from at least 1995 to present, so National Newspapers is useful for students as well. It also includes obituaries, for those doing genealogy and related research.

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Contains full access to the Consumer Reports website, with expert, unbiased ratings, reviews, product comparisons, and buying guides for many essential consumer products.

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Facts on File World News Digest

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Facts on File World News Digest brings together and enhances eight decades of news from the 1940s to the present day.

This archival record of domestic and international news is updated weekly and also contains newspaper editorials, country profiles, editorial cartoons, historic documents, special research features and much more. You can read the top news stories by decade, country or issue.

A great source for historical research or a fun source just to browse and discover, Facts on File World News Digest is a treasure trove of current and historical information.

Check it out along with our other premium resources covering magazines and newspapers.

Academic Search Premier

Offers scholarly and peer-reviewed information in nearly every area of academic study, including computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry, language, linguistics, arts, literature, medical science, ethnic studies, and more.

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