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Image of front page of April 16, 1912 New York Times reporting the sinking of the Titanic Anyone with any interest in history will find ProQuest's Historical Newspapers to be a very fascinating resource. It's also a great place for students to start when looking for primary sources for their history projects and papers.

Historical Newspapers features cover-to-cover, full-page images of The New York Times going back to the beginning of its run in 1851. You can search for something specific, like an event or person, or just read the full newspaper from a specific day, such as the day you were born.

This resource also includes the Timeline feature, where you can choose a point in history to read articles across several newspapers on major events that happened during a certain time periods, like the Industrial Age, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Seventies. The Topics feature also allows a search across several newspapers for articles on specific themes such as the “horseless carriage,” the sinking of the Titanic, or the Watergate scandal. You can even read obituaries on hundreds of Famous Dead People.

Try it today! And for a list of more UAPL resources covering history, take a look at our History Subject Guide.

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