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Did you know you don’t always have to go to the library to look up reliable and authoritative information in reference books?

Whether you are working on a school project or research paper, have a bet with a friend over a fact, or just want to satisfy your curiosity about a topic, UAPL card holders can get online access to a variety of encyclopedia titles covering science, history, business, medicine, culture and much more. You can even use your mobile device when you’re on the go!

An example of just a few titles that are available include:

See a full list of all the reference eBook titles by going to Gale Virtual Reference Library,  or download the Access My Library app (iOS | Android) on your mobile device, and choose UAPL as your local library. You can also access individual eBooks through the UAPL Databases page.

Disasters and Tragic Events Book Cover

Encyclopedia of Everyday Law Book Cover

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture Book Cover




American Decades

Covers the social aspects of each decade in 20th century America, including reference information on arts, laws, social trends, sports and more.

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American Civil War

Presents coverage of the American Civil War, including primary source documents and information on politics, significant people and battles, and much more.

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War Milestones

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This year marks several milestones for major military conflicts involving the United States. 

  • 150 years ago: Robert E. Lee surrendered April 9, 1865, and the American Civil War was officially over on August 20, 1865.
  • 100 years ago: Pivotal moments of World War I were happening in 1915, such as the sinking of the Lusitania and the first large-scale use of poison gas in warfare.
  • 70 years ago: World War II ended after Japan formally surrenders September 2, 1945.
  • 50 years ago: The United States sharply increased their military presence in Vietnam, began air raids, and the US Army fought their first major battle in the war.

It’s important to commemorate these events, as they have defined our nation and world. Learn about each of these conflicts by by checking out our unique and informative resource, World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society. Get detailed information about every major war in the world, from the Peloponnesian War of Ancient Greece to the present Iraq War

Each conflict covered includes an overview, detailed articles, viewpoints, primary sources, images, maps, a timeline, and more. Learn about the milestones mentioned above by visiting the Topics page, and choosing a war you would like to learn more about. You can also further your research by visiting more of UAPL's history databases.

Marine Corps War Memorial

Wilson Biography Reference Bank

Provides biographical information on current and historical figures around the world.

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